Multiplication Recall Tips

Did you know that there are patterns in your multiplication facts? Check out these videos to help you work on your multiplication facts. The multiples of 4, 6, 7, 8, and 9 are used.
*These are the skills I worked on with the 5th graders in Mrs. Brown's classroom in the fall. If you didn't get an opportunity, check it out! These skills are great to have from 4th grade on up to college and beyond. Gotta love Math!!!!!!Enjoy, Mrs. Conner

Multiplication of 4

multiplication of 4

Note the pattern in the ones place: 4-8-2-6-0.

Multiplication of 6

multiplication of 6

Note the pattern in the ones place: 6-2-8-4-0.

Multiplication of 8

multiplication of 8

Note the pattern in the one place: reducing by twos~/~

Multiplication of 9

multiplication of 9

There are two patterns with the multiples of nine. first, in the ones place, decreasing by one. Then, in the tens places where the numbers increase at a pretty predictable rate.

Multiplication of 7

multiplication of 7

This pattern is most difficult to see because it's so long, but it is there! 7-4-1-8-5-2-9-6-3-0.